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Old School Friday: Blackberry Molases

Hey Folks,

It's time for another installment of Old School Friday... This week's theme is Kid Groups.

Ranging from the ages of 13, 15, 15 & 16, MISTA is considered a kid group IMO. The group was comprised of Darryl Allen, Bobby Wilson, Brandon Brown, and Byron Reeder, and was pretty much a one-hit wonder group with the breakout hit, "Blackberry Molases."

I loved their voices & wondered why they broke up. But, one of the members is now a favorite solo artist of mine & that's Bobby Valentino (a.k.a. Bobby Wilson).

Debbie Pryce & Susie Banfield were members of a female rap duo from the UK. They gained fame because they were easily marketable as a commercial gimmick, but they also had some skills (for that day & age).

Their group was called The Cookie Crew, and most people will probably remember them for their 80s hit single, "Born This Way."

I actually knew all the words... shhhhh.


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  1. Girl these are truly some great, original picks. I had forgotten about Mista. BBM was the joint back in the day. I'm sorry they went the route of one-hit wonder, as did BV. Slow Down was the joint that summer though!

    I don't remember this other group! So you done showed a sista something today!

    Happy OSF!

  2.! I totally forgot about Mista...and Blackberry Molasses is just the bomb!

    Great, great picks Shae!

    Happy OSF! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks. I swear I listen to my old CDs more than the new ones so sometimes these songs are on regular rotation. :-)

  4. I don't know either of these groups. The guys really harmonized well. I enjoyed listening and learning. Happy OSF!

  5. Oh My Goodness! These are great choices. I loved the cookie crew and "Blackberry Molasses" was the jam.

  6. You're the only I know that still remembers the Cookie Crew besides myself. LOL

  7. Great choices.

    Thanks for taking me back.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  8. I haven’t heard of either groups, but I enjoyed Blackberry Molasses, great lyrics.

  9. I remember the Mista. It feels just like yesterday, except I'm 30 now.

    Cookie Crew, I don't remember, so maybe I'm not too old, yet.

  10. WOW!! I don't know how I forgot about that one because I used to have Blackberry Molasses on repeat! To bad they didn't go farther as a group, I loved the sound. Bobby Valentino is/was pretty successful as a solo artist though.
    I never heard of Cookie Crew.

  11. I love the Mista. Never heard the first one but it is lovely. Great Choices.


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