NY Exhibit: The Assassination Of Barack Obama: WTF!!!

See! This is the type of nonsense that I expected after Hillary's comments about Barack Obama getting assassinated.

This morning, a Boston-born performance artist, Yazmany Arboleda, tried to set up a provocative art exhibition in a vacant storefront on West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan with the title, “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama,” in neatly stenciled letters on the plate glass windows at street level.

The artist thought his racist views were protected under the Constitution because he was expressing himself through his art. Wrong.

Not 30 minutes after Arboleda set up the gallery across the street from the New York Times building, police, feds and secret service swooped in to shut the art exhibit down. While police covered the offensive storefront window with brown paper, Arboleda was led away in handcuffs to be “interrogated”.


Although the exhibit includes Hillary's name, the digs fully target Barack Obama and his family.

There are people out there that will try to push the envelope and then turn to the First Amendment or claim they don't know what the big deal is ... That is SUCH a cop out. So let me explain what the big deal is - there are people out there who truly believe that being African American means you just cannot or should not be able to do certain things.

They get their panties in a bunch if an African American person heads up a company, becomes a millionaire, does anything successful that they feel - took someone else's opportunity. WTH? As if we are not allowed the American Dream?

I'm sorry but those people need to get the heck over themselves. It's 2008 and YES WE HAVE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Deal with it! Hell be proud to have lived during these historical times. Embrace it.

This "exhibit" is highly damaging and absolutely intolerable. I'm so tired of people acting like being black should be a crime it's so sickening. I'm SO glad that I was not raised to be a despicable racist that hides behind color lines. Grow up, get a grip and shut the heck up already about race.

No matter who you are and what you do, you are NO BETTER NOR ANY WORSE than any other race. You DO NOT have the right to claim superior. You bleed, you cry and you hurt just like any other race.

Yes, it is allowed to voice your opinion, but it should not be allowed to do it in a threatening manner.

I'm proud to be Black, yes, and no one should have to be ashamed of their race. But I'm also proud to be humane. Too bad there are so many who are not.

I'm glad the secret service showed up within a half hour of him setting up the exhibit. At least someone is paying attention.


  1. Repeating my comment from another blogger's post on the situation: "Obama’s doesn’t compare to Hillary’s bashing. Art is an interpretation of the artist’s view. I can see that this artist, like most “push the envelope” [stretch the boundaries]. *shaking my head*"

    Amen to being proud to be humane!

    On this week's Blog Safari.

  2. From what I've seen, they are attacking Barack's family & children, they are attacking Hillary's political views and her practices. It's doesn't compare at all.

    Thanks for the nod on the safari.

  3. I'm gonna continue to agree with you Shae...his children have nothing to do with this! It's like (and I hate using this comparison) saying ugly sh*t about the prettier girl in the room...just finding other ways to bring her down...you talk about dumb she is or about how much of a hoe she is!

    They seem to be threatened by Obama...or even the family that he has created. In no way is a black man suppose to love his wife...hell he wasn't suppose to marry her...he's not suppose to love and take care of his children! And he for damn sure wasn't suppose to make a run at the presidency!

    He is nothing "they" want him to be...so let's find away to degraded him! It's sad really...

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