Featured Artist: Miki Howard

Featured Artist: Miki Howard
Miki Howard is a phenomenal talent and one of my favorite artists from the 80's and 90's.

The Grammy and American Music Award nominee is the daughter of gospel singer Josephine Howard, and her contributions as an R&B artist and jazz singer are superb.

"Baby Be Mine" is one of my favorites from Miki, but she had several top ten hits such as "Ain't Nobody like You," "That's What Love Is" (featuring the late Gerald Levert) and "Ain't Nuthin' In The World" to name a few.

Miki is the woman who played Ms. Billie Holiday in Spike Lee's "Malcolm X." She also toured in the road company of the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls," playing the role of Deena. Miki is also going to be involved in a new reality show, so I'll have to update you with the details when I find out more.

If you are not familiar with Miki, please visit her Web site at www.miki-howard.com for her bio and music samples.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I was not familiar so I went to the site as you suggested and I am now adding her music to my collection.

  2. I used to listen to Miki Howard along with Guy, Sade, Jodeci... I just like good music and I'm giddy at the fact many of these artists are coming back to save the day. LOL

    Next up... The Time.


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