Link Love: 06/16/08

Hey Folks, I'm sharing some link love today as I browse my fellow blogger fam around the Net and see what it is they're talking about.

Please visit their sites & let them know I sent you!

  • Over Analyze It: An African American University student spends two days in county jail for felony forgery & 'shoplifting' after trying to cash two legitimate money orders at Wal-Mart.

  • Mrs. Grapevine: Kim & Kourtney Kardashian in another reality show. When is enough enough?

  • Miscellaneous Matters: New graphic artist blogger introduced to us by Believer 1964.

  • Mind Of Marcus: Marcus runs down last weeks happenings & shows a softer side regarding his parents. Good for you Marcus!

  • Mental Stimulation: If you could, which celebrities would you morph together? Check out irigal's morphed celebs.

  • Mariuca: Just sending well wishes to Mariuca who had the unfortunate experience of having someone pass away outside her building.

  • Lexnucleus: Experience love on the beach...


  1. Thanks for showing some love for my friend.

  2. ~*Toni*~7:54 PM

    She does nice work. I just left her a comment.


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