Lawyer Tries To Slip Kells A CD, Gets Tossed Out Of Court

Last week during an intermission, a criminal defense attorney by the name of Mike Roman approached R. Kelly while he sat alone at the defense table.

The lawyer is apparently the lead singer in a Latin rock band, called Mike Roman and the Tellstars. While he may get a few points for being diligent about his singing group, he gets a big fat zero for his courtroom etiquette.

He actually offered R. Kelly a free copy (as if he was going to buy it) of his CD entitled, "Cha Cha Time."

R. Kelly responded:

"No, thank you. I'm not allowed to take anything."

Normal folks would have walked away, but this guy Roman didn’t give up even when Kells continued to tell him he could not take the CD.

"I'm not allowed to talk to anyone," R. Kelly said, even reminding him that there was a gag order imposed on him by the judge.

Desperate, Roman offered to just 'leave' the CD there hoping Kells would just 'pick it up' but R. Kelly had enough sense to ask him not to.

"Please," Kelly said quietly. "You have to leave me alone."

When other attorneys in the courtroom noticed the conversation, they called security on Roman who was detained in another room.

The judge ordered him removed from the court, and although he was cooperative regarding his removal, he tried to sell the same CD of R. Kelly's defense attorneys for $15.

I can't believe this fool tried to slip his CD to R. Kelly at a time like this. Is this guy that hungry for fame that he would risk his job and reputation as an attorney? I mean does he not care that the person he was approaching is the #1 suspect in a child pornography case?

Somebody take the wheel on this one because this is so wrong on so many levels. If I were opposing counsel I'd be pissed. I'm over here trying to prove that this dude is a child pornography king and you're asking him to give you a leg up in your singing career? What type of -ish?

That's a damned shame. This guy should be disbarred. That's like someone asking Phil Spector to listen to their demo during his murder trial. Ugh!


  1. You're right that was some silly assume that lawyers are pretty rational but he just took the cake on this one...and why R Kelly of all folks...when was the last time you heard that negroid put anybody on?

  2. The only people he puts on are teenage girls and they are just put onto homemade sex videos. *sigh*


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