Landon Brown: "Whitney Treated Me Like An Employee"

Loser Landon Brown

Landon Brown as Landon has recently been in the news for scandalous sound bites to the media.

Landon has told reporters how he slept with actress/pop star Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom at a private party in West Hollywood.
"Me and Lindsay got really, really close. She followed me to the bathroom during a private party, and, well, we basically got together."

This allegedly occurred when Lindsay was 20 and Landon 21. Of course he now claims the stories are false (I guess he can’t keep his false stories straight) and says the story is ‘off the wall.’

Landon must be trying to gain some media attention since he didn't so well in the MTV reality show called “Rock the Cradle” which aired earlier this year.

That may explain his current rant as he bashes his former stepmother, Whitney Houston, claiming she made him feel like an employee whenever he visited the former couple’s home.

Shouldn’t that be a gripe for his father too, since he should have corrected that – assuming it’s true?

Landon claims Whitney was a "nightmare" to grow up with, and she refused to treat him like a member of her family.

His interview with the National Enquirer, as if that doesn’t tell you a lot right there, revealed that Whitney insisted he sleep in the guest house and refused to let him visit with his half-sister Bobbi Kristina.

"Whitney and I never really got along. She didn't necessarily hate me, but she wouldn't really speak to me either. In Whitney's eyes, I was the stepchild.

"She decided to turn me into one of her security personnel. I was a teenager but I was walking around dressed up in all black with a Security shirt and she'd have me work for her. I was just another one of her staff."

Landon, isn’t it a bit late to be airing dirty laundry? I’d hate to be

Bobbie-Kristina during all this drama. Imagine your father & half-brother bashing your mother because she took them off the payroll, and your mother is dating .. err.. engaged to some guy who is closer to your age and who has a sex tape out with the likes of Kim Kardashian.

Sucks to be Bobbi-Kris right now. Poor kid.


  1. Is Whitney engaged? I didn't even know that. To Ray J?

    I don't know about Landon's story. Is he the only one of Bobby's children with a complaint?

  2. ~*Toni*~7:50 PM

    Yo I thought that was a rumer.


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