KISS 104.1 Family Soul Fest

You've probably noticed the various posts about happenings in Atlanta. I will be the first to admit, the gas prices have a sista just about rooted to the neighborhood.

I made a post a few weeks back about exploring Atlanta and that's what I've started to do.

Yesterday we went down to the Kiss 104.1 FM's first annual Family Soul Fest at Memorial Park. It was hot as heck outside, but if you let that stop you in Atlanta, you'll never get outdoors during the summer.

So we packed up the vehicle with sunblock, the cooler of ice, juice boxes, snacks that won't submit to the heat and hit the gas station. I was in a great mood until we did that.

Getting gas at the great bargain of $3.96 while watching the people across the street actually purchase gas from Chevron for $4.06 made me wonder what they were smoking. So with a huge dent in our pockets and teeny pit of deflation in our moods, hubby & I hit the road.

Traffic was actually decent, which is a shocker since we live off GA 400, and that's normally a complete night mare. We got to Memorial Lawn without incident.

As soon as we got there the kids wanted to go to the color station. I figured that would be harmless. So we set up our little lawn chairs while the kids colored their hearts out. There was a band playing, but I'd never heard of them so I couldn't even tell you who it was. They were pretty good though.

I started people watching and a family caught my eye as they were pretty p'd off as they had to leave since they brought their dog. Someone stepped into my view and when I looked up it was my coworker. All I saw was her smile and that huge belly. LOL - she's very pregnant.

She and her hubby and their 10 month-old joined us. We were jamming to the music and talking about everything under the sun, the DJ was excellent.

Time flew by so fast and there were so many things for the kids to do, it was after six by the time we decided to wrap it up. The kids were exhausted and passed out as soon as we hit the highway.

It was a very fun day at the park and I'm glad I went even though I missed the Anniversary Laser Show. I just couldn't see myself staying until 9:30 p.m. after getting there at 1:00 p.m.

Maybe next year...


  1. Luv your writing style. I don't know how you survived the heat. Since I've gotten older, I have to take the sun in mini-bites. Glad you had a great time though! :-)

  2. Thank you so much. :)

    I am just experimenting with the heat. I grew up in Boston so I'm just now thawing out. ;-)

  3. I keep forgetting you're a momma! But I am glad you had fun seeing what ATL has to offer. I am actually contemplating moving back, haha.

    Also, Boston! I am going there for two weeks on Sunday, never been there before.

  4. Really? Well have fun. If you get lost holla @ me. LOL


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