Kenneth Wilson: Man Behind 2Pac Statue Vandalism

Man who vandalized 2Pac statue says,  'Tupac Shakur is no messiah'

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Kenneth Anthony Wilson needs to be punched in the throat. Sorry guys but it's true.

This guy vandalized a public statue (of Tupac Shakur) nine months ago tries to justify it as "waging an intellectual & artistic war against gangsta rap." GTHOH with that crap.

If he wanted to wage an intellectual war, why not sit down with rappers and challenge them to a gangsta-less year or a no curse CD or something more constructive than defacing the statue of a dead man.

The bronze Tupac statue sits outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation for the Arts. A foundation started by his mother in the memory of her son. There were a series of racial attacks at the center last year.

The hate crime charges were dropped since there was no racial motivation in the threats (Wilson is black - and apparently just stupid).

He rants:
"Yes I defaced that statue of Tupac Shakur because the center is a cancer on the community. For we reap what we sow ... Tupac Shakur is no messiah, that's why when he stuck his dumbass on his album cover and claimed he was not disrespecting Jesus Christ, God crucified his evil ass before the album came out."
He babbles on about how his actions are justified, because he thinks Afeni Shakur is misleading youth through her son's Tupac's image and message. WTH??
"Tupac Shakur is not only a rapist and murderer of his own people, his center of the arts is in the business of molesting the young minds of our youths into believing that 'Thug Life' is the American dream.

"Since Afeni Shakur insists on lying to the youth at her center that her son is the messiah and he died for the sake of them ... So she resurrects a statue of Tupac Shakur dressed as a reverend with the Holy Bible in his right hand ... Death Row Records did not destroy Tupac Shakur; smoking crack when he was in her womb did. Tupac Shakur was not only weak, he was a complete fool who never for one minute practiced what he preached."
Wow. Sounds like the rantings of a lunatic who happened to study more than a little bit of Tupac & Afeni's history. He goes on to say he plans to prove in court that his actions are justified on moral grounds.

Sounds to me like he's trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Great, I hope Kenneth Anthony Wilson enjoys going down is history as that stupid asshole that defaced 2Pac's statue. What a dumb dipshit.


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