Jim Jones Performance Nixed By Jersey City Officials

Jim Jones
While writing a hit record, being the co-CEO of a record label and speaking about your family’s struggle with HIV would normally get you a pat on the back (at the very least), Jim Jones gets a ‘no thank you’ from a Jersey City school.

Jim Jones was invited to perform at an unnamed Jersey City school on National HIV Testing Day (June 27), but the invitation was rescinded.

Jim has spoken out nationally regarding AIDS and how he lost his father and other relatives to the disease. That's probably why the Department of Health and Human Services reached out to the school regarding Jim Jones performing on National HIV Testing Day.

n addition to his performance, Jim was also supposed to receive a certificate of honor from New Jersey Senator Sandra Cunningham and Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy.

But after reading some of Jim’s lyrics, city officials got involved and said Jim Jones’ lyrics are not suitable for the City’s students.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill made a statement:

"The City of Jersey City is proud to sponsor events during the month of June that encourage our residents to be tested for HIV/AIDS.

"When it was brought to the attention of the Mayor's Office staff that Mr. Jones was the star of the concert, a careful review of Mr. Jones' lyrics was done and ultimately the decision was made to cancel the show.

"Mayor Healy has always been a proponent of positive outlets for our youth and a strong gun control advocate.
"Mr. Jones' lyrics speak of violence to women and police, of the drug trade and guns, and other activities that Mayor Healy could not endorse by sponsoring an event featuring Mr. Jones."

Jim’s reps say he had no idea the event had even been canceled, but had no comment on the matter.


  1. I'm glad to learn he does something positive with his life, because up into now I just flat out didn't like him. Now that I know he may have some redeeming quality, he will rise on my list to maybe dislike.

  2. I'm still on the fence. I had mad respect for him when he spoke on his family issues where I believe it was his father and "all his [father's] brothers" according to the video, that were hooked on drugs & contracted the virus. His mother didn't want him to discuss it but he felt people needed to know. I agree.

  3. That is very interesting. I'm kind of glad that he was cancelled but wish they had brought him in, sat him down and told him why. Rappers, athletes, and celebrities as a whole need to know that it is not the "good" things that you do but the WAY you live your life that counts. I mean don't get me wrong I totally commend him for speaking up and out about HIV/Aids, I have family members who died from the disease also BUT your life speaks volumes. You can't talk about hoes, drugs, and killings one day and then expect people to want you to come out to schools and talk seriously to the kis the next...

  4. Duh! Whoever thought Jim Jones was a role model simply because of his being able to relate to those with HIV. I am not hatin' on Jones, but he is definitely not someone I'd want to see at my kids school for anything other than passing lunch bags; that's if I had kids...LOL!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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