It's My One Year Anniversary!!

sHaE-sHaE's Blog One Year Anniversary
Yay, my blog is one year old! Woo hoo!

A year ago I started this blog & had NO idea what I was going to write about (still don't really...) but I just put whatever came to mind.. and you all come by and read so for that I am very appreciative.

This past year I've found countless wonderful blogs out there and have made some very nice, fun, interesting and intelligent bloggers out here.

Things I've learned this past year:

  • Everyone and their mother has a gossip blog

  • I had no clue so many people were blogging for money

  • I'm Wordpress illiterate.. Thank goodness for Blogger!

  • Entrecard is an excellent site booster

  • My regular readers ROCK!

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Thanks again and keep your eyes open for continued changes & tweaks. I like to keep you on your toes!


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  1. How time flies! Congratulations! :) Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Elaine! Time has most certainly flown. I'm amazed that it's already been a year.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    You know I'm new around here and I'm just getting acquainted with the site...but I wanna be like you when I "grow" up! lol

    Keep it up the good work!

  4. Thank you! But I'm new too. Some people have been on their grind for years. I'm almost a toddler! ;-)

  5. Happy blogiversary! I'm having one today as well.

  6. Happy 1st year! I'm having one, too, so I thought I would wish everyone else a happy blogiversary, too!

  7. Congratulations on one year!

    Um, but you are very serious about promoting. I got scared when I saw all those buttons at the end.

  8. "Everyone and their mother has a gossip blog"

    Absolutely, so I'd like to hear more about the woman Shae-Shae!

  9. LOL don't be afraid of the buttons. I just like to network. I put together the blog to talk about things I'm interested in and I'm very interested in entertainment. While I do agree that I need to branch out & cover other areas of the entertainment industry, I will probably not delve too deep into my life on this blog. If you want to know abut me, please check out Roosevelt Heights for a more personal blog. ;-)


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