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It's A Girl! Maddie Briann

Jamie Lynn Spears has a girl
17-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth at 9:30 this morning to her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge.

The baby girl was born at Southwest Regional Medical Center, a hospital in McComb, Mississippi. Maddie Briann weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. Now that's a healthy baby!

The teen parents are surrounded by their families.


  1. I wish them well but they seem so young to have a baby. I had my first baby at 32 and was so glad to have waited and got my wild ways done and over. Everyone is different so hopefully this will work out well for all involved.

  2. I hope all work out for them. However I have to say that I think the media is making a huge mistake taking this situation and turning it into some wonderful event. If this were to happen in my neighborhood it would be a tragedy. Lets not forget this is a 17 year old girl. I can say something about the situation because I also was her age when I had my daughter. I'm just concerned about the message this will send to other very young girls.


  3. Why was this all over the darn news this morning?

  4. Although I posted it because it was "news worthy" I also agree that it has gained way too much attention. There have been so many fluctuations in the story as is...was she keeping it? The father thought it wasn't his, she was giving it to her mother, now they're engaged? It's really rather strange.


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