In The Spotlight: Black Violin

Black Violin

Do you remember the 'Apollo Legends' Black Violin?

Group members Kev Marcus and Wil-B are two classically trained musicians. They, along with their DJ TK, have fused the very thick line between classical and Hip-Hop music and in return, have been able to reach very diverse audiences.

Since their total takeover at the Apollo, Black Violin has had the opportunity to work with Linkin Park's lead singer Mike Shinoda, Diddy, Alicia Keys, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lil Kim, and Brooke Hogan.

The group is not above giving back as they've been awarded by the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts for their Outstanding Contributions to Middle & High School Performing Arts Students.

I swear every time I come across these guys I am still in awe.

Check out their site or their MySpace page for more info.


  1. I was watching tv one day and I saw these two guys on tv playing violins. I thought to myself, I wonder who they are? And here they are on your blog. I never found out who they were until today. I am checking out their site.

  2. I'm glad I could help. ;-)

    They are the -ish girl. I'd love to see them live.

  3. Kim Shears5:19 PM

    Freakin Awesome!


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