Gene Simmons "Loves" Da Groupies

Gene Simmons goes all out for his fans... or should I say 'puts out' for his fans?

Gene says it would be rude not to engage in groupie love as he tells reporters that sleeping with his groupies makes him a good Samaritan.

"Think of me as a goodwill ambassador. The poor girls spend hours putting on their make-up and their perfume.

"How rude would it be if that got ignored? Otherwise, they'll feel their self-esteem lower. You don't want that happening. I'm a Good Samaritan. It's my good-natured side."

The lead singer of KISS is well known for his outrageous costumes and in serious need of a makeover make-up. He even says he is up for staying in character when he is in the bedroom.

I guess he must have realized how messed up that came out so he tried to redeem himself and urged fans to stay away from drugs.

"The chances are pretty good that the male of the species will have an urge to merge. Don't get high. Save the money. You get high, there's nothing you're going to say that's going to be witty and charming. And your schnackle might not work. Trust me."

Oh yeah, he's still smoking that oooh weee!

KISS will be playing the Download festival in Derby, North England, later this month.


  1. Surprisingly Gene Simmons claims that he has never done drugs. I found this interesting as many rock stars dabble in snorting lines and drinking heavily, but apparently Gene has stayed away from that type of lifestyle pitfall.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. I know. Gene is just "different." But sometimes the things that come out of his mouth make him seem higher than Amy Winehouse!


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