Featured Artist: Sticky Fingaz


Well if you didn't know that Onyx split up by now, then you're a lost cause.

Sticky Fingaz, a.k.a Kirk Jones, is one third of the rap trio Onyx, and during the group’s split he kept himself busy by appearing in a few movies including: "Lockdown," "True Vinyl," "Black & White," "Love Goggles," and "The Price of Air".

He also released a solo CD called "Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones" back in February of 2001.

If you support the underground hip hop sound, you may have liked the "Black Trash" album. Sticky hooked up with hip hop's hottest like, Canibus, Rah Digga, Dave Hollister, Raekwon, Red man and also Eminem. He and Eminem recorded a track called, "What If I Was White," while “Get It Up” made major waves. He also appeared on various TV shows and did a few modeling gigs.

The CD was Executive Produced by cousin Fredro Starr, who finally got his production props. Most people don't know that Fredro also executive produced all of Onyx's CDs. He and Fredro recorded "Soldier," for Fredro's solo CD "Firestarr."


Sticky hooked up with other rappers during ‘Hip Hop Literacy’ campaign as he swayed them to read about former Run DMC DJ, Jam Master Jay.

He to flex his acting skills as he worked his charm on the series Law & Order: Criminal Intent playing the role of an undercover detective named Harry Williams.

I caught him on an episode of The Real World a couple weeks ago. He was shopping for beats with one of the cast members named Will.

Sticky was the star of the Blade series earlier this year, but the show was cancelled.

My heart goes out to Sticky & his fam as unfortunately, his brother, rapper X1 who used to perform with Onyx, committed suicide last year in Las Vegas.


  1. IDK...he kind of scares me!...he's unstable...like he'll snap one day and whoop e'ybody in the house ass! nope...gotta stay away from nigs like that!

  2. LMAO You are crazy! I actually met him before, and although he was really nice, he still kind of scared me. I think it's because he is the type that stands all up in your personal space. I don't like that mess. I'm 5'3" and if you're all in my personal space I'm most likely chest level and that's not cute. Keep a decent distance so we can talk face to face if I don't know you like that. LOL


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