Dry Drowning

Ten-year-old Johnny Jackson drowned about an hour after swimming in a pool. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reports on the dangers of dry drowning, and TODAY's Meredith Vieira talks to pediatrician Dr. Daniel Rauch about hazards children face in the water.

This is something I've never heard of and would like to share as the summer months have arrived.

Please be careful of "dry drowning." If you are a caregiver you should really take a look at this.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, some 3,600 people drowned in 2005, the most recent year for which there are statistics. Some 10 to 15 percent of those deaths was classified as “dry drowning,” which can occur up to 24 hours after a small amount of water gets into the lungs. In children, that can happen during a bath.

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  1. woww, ive never heard of it too..ill definatley be looking out

  2. Thanks for posting about this, my husband saw it on the news this morning, and it is something to look out for.

  3. Wasn't this awful? I saw it on the news and was just dumbstruck. I'd never heard of this before.

    I understand that while not common, it is something that can occur within up to 48 hours of swimming. Man, how heart breaking.

  4. It's scary isn't it? I've never heard of this and I will definitely keep it in mind this summer as I take the kids swimming. Normally I limit the pool activity to 30 minutes but now I don't know. I's amazing how quickly you can lose the ones you love.


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