Dr. Jan Adams Arrested For DUI (Again)

Jan Adams, the doctor who performed plastic surgery on Kanye's mom, Dr. Donda West, was arrested for DUI in California.

Authorities in Vallejo, CA received several calls regarding a driver trying to drive onto a freeway through an off-ramp.

Adams was driving an '04 Jaguar XJ8 and was heading northbound on a southbound offramp. Adding to his laundry list of offenses, Adams was also driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI.

The moron doctor also recently had his medical license suspended for non-payment of child support. (So he's a deadbeat dad, a drunk and an idiot ... that's three for three).

The California Department of Consumer Affairs, sent him a warning letter last month to pay up his child support or his license would be suspended within 30 days.

This is his second suspension as his license was previously suspended in 2006 - also for non-payment of child support. Once his payments are current, it can be reinstated.

This guy is a total wreck.


  1. He could have killed someone with that stunt of drunkenness. Why isn't he off the road for good?

  2. You would think so. I wish they'd stop letting people drive again & again under the influence. They need tougher laws.


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