Diddy & Diaz? No, Can't Be... Can It?

P. Diddy & Cameron Diaz

A rumor has hit the mill regarding P. Diddy and actress Cameron Diaz.

The two were spotted together at the recent book launching party for Prince on Friday, where they were reportedly spent the evening laughing and holding hands, while Diaz apparently spoon fed Diddy bread pudding. (Ewww!)

Observers claim later that night couple were heard "giggling" behind a locked door in Prince's Beverly Hills mansion. Just nasty. Get a room!

Wasn't he just photographed spooned up with Cassie on Mother's Day? Diddy should really be more discrete.

The star studded event brought out the regulars as well as the not-so regulares: Sylvester Stallone, Babyface and Eddie Murphy.

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