Danity Kane Duke It Out In Vegas

Danity Kane brawl in Vegas
Diddy’s star pupils, Danity Kane, got into a beef in Vegas during their tour.

Apparently, two of the members got into a fight at the Palms hotel before their concert at The Pearl during Cherri Dennis’ performance. A producer confirmed to photographers that a fight ensued and security had to break it up.

One of the girls was freaking out and did not want to perform, but you know how Bad Boy is, I’m sure they know that if show didn’t on as expected, they’d have to pay Diddy out of their pocket change.

Anyway, there were no signs of any catfight once the ladies hit the stage, but during the after party at Privé Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood Resort) Dawn, Aundrea and Shannon stuck together on one side of the VIP Booth while Aubrey and D. Woods sat on the other side posing for pictures with fans.


  1. Drama!
    Can't we all just get along?!? LOL

  2. Hey Kitty, you know female groups just seem to self destruct. It's a shame too. There's a lot of talent out there just being wasted over attitudes.

  3. So you mean to tell me, that with all the technology in this world that NO ONE has footage of this...Puff ain't tryin to get paid off this...what's really goin on?!? lol

  4. It was a backstage brawl and the media didn't find out about it until later. I think someone should have taken advantage of their cell phone features. ;-)


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