Damn Homie, In High School You Was The Man Homie…

Judge Orders Shaniqua Tompkins To Pay 50 For Back Rent.

For those who have been following, here’s the update on 50’s court case with his BM Shaniqua Tompkins.

I bet she is about ready to kill 50 Cent right now. You already know about the suspicious fire burned down his Long Island mansion, which she occupied with their son, Marquise. Well Ms. Shaniqua let it rain on 50 when she accused him of trying to kill them.

These two have been fighting over this property in and out of court for a while now. She is apparently upset because 50 has told her if she continues to stay in the mansion, she needs to cough up the $4,500 a month it takes to run the place. She of course says, “hell to da naw” on that one. So like any other landlord, 50 put in the eviction notice, which caused Ms. Thang to tell the media that he’s kicking his son out into the street.

Shaniqua’s newly concocted story is that he promised her the house (err… the multi-million dollar mansion that is) to her 10 years ago. She also claimed he offered to pay her 50% of his earning for the rest of his life

GTHOH Shaniqua! I am still tripping off this one. I don’t know anyone offering to give up 50% of their earnings for the rest of their lives to anyone.

And I don’t know what the man may have told her in the privacy of their own love juices, but right now, he’s out there in CT living it up in Mike Tyson’s former mansion, making movies and sipping on his vitamin water, and I’m sure he’s got other real estate in various cities, so I doubt he gives a damn about the L.I. estate. The man just wants his money for the rent. Wouldn’t you?

So back up to speed, the cops said the fire was a "highly suspicious inferno,” and they of course took these charges serious and it went straight to court.

A judge at the Manhattan Supreme Court heard them out, and when she heard that Ms. Shaniqua has not been paying rent, Justice Carol Edmead ruled that she will most definitely fork up the loot in full quick, fast & in a hurry.

She told Shaniqua’s lawyer, Paul Catsandonis:
"She better pay it by the end of the week. Do you understand?"

The lawyer tried to extend the deadline saying she was experiencing "undue hardship" after losing her home in the blaze, citing they only have the clothing on their backs that they had on when they jumped out the window during the blaze.

Sounds good, but she failed to mention that she receives $6,700 a month in child support and has not been paying rent so she has money in the bank.

At the time of this story, Shaniqua’s bank was still in tact, and has not been set on fire.


  1. lmao @ "At the time of this story, Shaniqua’s bank was still in tact, and has not been set on fire."

    What my issue with this chick is, WTF she didn't get that house in her name!?!?...it's truly mind boggling!! Did she really thinks this nig was gonna take care or HER for the rest of HER life...smartenupnas! If that was the case he would of...ya know...married her! Just a thought...

  2. I'm glad the judge could see the mother was taking full advantage. She better pay up!

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    people like this give men a reason not to trust us. i no women like to say if he has the $$ he should pay her, but she did not earn it and you cant expect to live off another person all your life.


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