Congratulations Mr. Obama!

Barack Obama
He's In! Well almost.

Barack Obama has diligently sought change is this year's election primaries and has succeeded in doing just that.

He's changed the standard view many American's had on what they were looking for in the next president.

It's been called a long-shot campaign, a shot in the dark campaign, let's face it... many thought it was a waste of time and money campaign... but Senator Barack Obama has pulled in all of the delegates he needs and is now the Democratic presidential forerunner for the race to the White House.

Now, realizing that her time is up, Hillary has voiced that she may like to be his running mate. I find that idea unsettling after her assassination remarks. I wouldn't put it past her not to put a hit out on him herself. *sigh*

Anyway, kudos to Barack for his historic accomplishment of becoming the first African-American to secure enough delegates to be the nominee of a major political party.