Colin Powell May Endorse Barack

Colin Powell may endorse Barack Obama
Colin Powell (R), former Secretary of State, is considering giving his vote to Senator Barack Obama in the general election.

Colin is a retired army general who served as the first African-American Secretary of State during President George Bush's first term in office.

During a recent press conference in Vancouver, Colin Powell said he is not ruling out the possibility, but did make it clear that he wouldn't be making the decision based on race.

"I will vote for the individual I think that brings the best set of tools to the problems of 21st-century America and the 21st-century world regardless of party, regardless of anything else other than the most qualified candidate."

Until now, he has not endorsed any candidate, but has made other favorable statements in regards to Barack Obama.

I am surprised but very pleased at Colin Powell's statements. I thought he was going to go with McCain.


  1. HHuuummm, that is interesting! I agree, I thought he would have been a McCainite. But then again it's not over until it's over...

  2. I was surprised too...he's always been straight up Republican. As a matter of fact it never occurred to be that he would even consider Obama! if he is open to it then I say the Republicans should be real afraid right about now.

    like rick james said..."they shoulda never gave you niggas money!"


  3. I'm still in shock. Give me time for a reasonable response. LOL

  4. I would absolutely love to see that happen. That would be a nasty lil' shake up for the Republicans.

    Come onnnnn Colin!

  5. "May" is the operative word. Why would Colin tease us like that? Why wait?

    I agree with Regina, it's not over until it's over.

    The drama wrapped up in the election is crazy!

  6. I agree. This seems like the most drama filled election in history.


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