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Cleaning Inspirations

How do you get motivated to clean your house?

I tend to turn on very loud, very fast dance music. It gets me going and before I know it, I'm cleaning & polishing in full swing.

I had one of these sessions yesterday (6/29/08), and I threw in a Prince CD.. The Hits I, II and The B Sides. I had a ball.

My friends and family understand that I'm a huge Prince fan so whenever I put on his music I'm singing and dancing and behaving as if I've been transported to one of his concerts when I play his CDs.

So anyway, I started with the kitchen and dining room while the music rotation included "Sign 'o' The Times." "Diamonds And Pearls," "Controversy" and
"Dirty Mind."

When I left the kitchen and dining room they were swept, mopped, windexed, bleached and then some!

In the living room I had a mini-concert with "I Wanna Be Your Lover," "Little Red Corvette," "I Would Die 4 U," Raspberry Beret," "Kiss," "Cream,"
and "7."

It took a little longer in this room because I have to admit, I hate dusting, but I had to dust all the knick knacks and use Murphy's Wood Oil on all the wood, but thank goodness Prince kept me going.

By the time I finished the bathrooms and the bedrooms, the B Side was in full swing.

So tell me, what gets you motivated when you clean?


  1. PRINCE! You know I love to listen to Princey POO POO too! 8) I have not cleaned to him like you have but I may have to get geared up to clean up this tornado that I created!


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