Chock Full Of "Caramel"

Actress Lauren London (Caramel Cruz), rapper Chingy (Kyle) and singer Chris Brown (Cali Carmichael) have been slated to star in "Caramel," coming-of-age film similar to "American Graffiti."

The film is about two high school friends that grew up together in Jamaica Estates, Queens. They are best friends, and the coolest in school.

The guy tries his hand at love... too bad it turns around and slaps him. His love interest, Caramel Cruz, is crazy about someone else. Another man has stolen her heart and she's thinking of going the long haul with this guy.

What she doesn't know is her dream guy, Petey Perez, is keeping his options open.

Lauren will be in good company as other cast members include Megan Goode, Cassie Ventura, Fallon King, Neosha King,and Farrah King.

Keep an eye out for the movie. It is slated for release sometime next year.


Speaking of Chris Brown, check him out freestyling with Adam Sevani(a.k.a. "Moose" from 'Step It Up 2') to Janet Jackson's Feedback.

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