Chaka Khan: On Drums

In my best Stewie from Family Guy's voice... "What the deuce?"

Did any of you know that Chaka Kahn had drum skills?

Actually, I didn't know she played any instrument at all. I just thought she was tight on the vocals.

Dang...who knew?


  1. What The ....What!!! I had no clue that she could play, WOW!! I am so impressed (and I don't impress easily!)
    Awesome find Shae!

  2. I'm speechless too. I had no idea. The comments under the video say she can also play guitar! What!!?? I just have that much more respect for her.

  3. Who knew? I sure didn't. Go Mz Chaka.

  4. I never would have known, although it does not surprise me. Most people are vocally talented, started out in a band where they played instruments. I am a drummer, but I sure as heckfire can not sing...LOL!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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