Celtic Fans Happy, Laker Fans Pissed

Look at this BS. Are you serious?

Note to Laker fans: I'm going to need you LA fans to get yourselves together and act like good sports when you lose Sunday and not start any stadium brawls.

Our Celtics fans spent good money traveling to see Kobe's behind lose and look how you act. This right here is unacceptable.

You'd never see this mess happening at The Garden.

Next time, please try to conduct yourselves like us Bostonians.

LMAO... but no for real tho... was this necessary?


  1. I'm an all time Lakers fanatic. huhuhuhuh

    thanks for visiting my blog shae-shae, I love yours too.
    I already added you to my link-love

  2. Hey Lexnucleus!

    I'm going to have to ask you to speak with your fellow Laker fans about their behavior because you know the Celtics are going to kick their butts right? LOL

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll be by your spot again soon. Love the layout.


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