Blood In The Palm Of My Hand

I snuck out at 3 a.m.
To see what I could get into
I wore all black
And stayed in the shadows
And barely made a sound
I watched everything and everyone
Nothing got past me
I waited for something... or nothing
What I really did was prey

And when the chance arose
I took it without any fear
I casually strolled upon him
Close enough to hear his breath
He had no time to think or move
Before I cut his throat
I slid the knife into my pocket
And walked away without looking back
I lingered, enjoying the night’s air
Soon I headed home

I undressed in the dark and lie on my back
Thinking of the day to come
Sleep came quickly
I had no bad dreams
I had no remorse
Nothing but black around me

I awoke remembering nothing
But felt somewhat strange
I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror
Nothing looked different to me
Until strange caught my attention
The blood... in the palm of my hand


  1. in the words of the late rick james " COLD BLOODED!"

  2. This is a little scary. Who wrote it?

  3. Is it really scary? LOL I guess maybe a little bit.

    I'm not telling who wrote it then. ;-)


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