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Hey People,

Since my recent change in templates I've received quite a few emails asking who 'did' my page and how you can achieve certain things.

I have to say 'thanks so much' for noticing that I put in some work, but I also have to blow the whistle on myself and let y'all know... I am SO not the expert on this.

If I can help you, best believe I will answer what I can, the best I can, but I feel kind of bad because I just copy & paste templates & coding. Shhhh....

So, in a nutshell this is how I've achieved my blog's "many faces."

For widgets and gadgets I got several ideas & codes from Blogger Templates.

For pics and stories.. I obviously use Google.

For my layouts I've used various places:

I started off with Blogger's generic templates and worked my way up to the current by searching for 2 or 3 column templates online. Then I downloaded the code and tweaked the page to my liking. I also have a backup blog that I can practice on.

I recommend this so that you can see where to place your widgets and what the final version will look like before you 'go live.'

I also think the #1 rule should be, "back up your code" in the event you muck up something or decide - the heck with this! I even have a backup for my widget codes because you lose them with each template upload.

I hope that helps you guys. I know it's not a lot but what can I tell you? If there are any template experts or web designers reading this, PLEASE feel free to submit a 'guest post' and I'll be sure to post it with credits and links.

Thanks!! :o)


  1. Backing up is a great idea!

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    How do you back up a whole blog?


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