"Battleground Earth" Coming Soon

Battleground Earth
Image courtesy of Planet Green

Must be something in the water because rapper Ludacris and former Motley Crue member Tommy Lee are the latest celebs plunging into the world of reality TV.

The two will team up for an eco-friendly show called "Battleground Earth,"where they will see who can show the world how to be more environmentally correct.

That’s definitely a twist on your average reality TV show.

Luda explains:

"The whole reality show is pretty much a competition between [Tommy Lee] and myself in an entertaining way, trying to get people to become more eco-friendly and not tell people that they should or that they must.

"It's more telling people that they could and they can do little things to help out."

Ludacris admits that he was pretty surprised about how cool the Tommy Lee was when he met him.
”After getting to know him, I think that he's a really, really cool, down-to-earth guy.

"Crazy as hell, in a good way. I mean, he's been in this music industry longer than I can imagine, so I'm learning things along the way. But what's most important is that we feel we are doing our part in saving the planet."

The guys have been trekking across the country and are currently filming 10 episodes. "Battleground Earth" will air on the Discovery Network's 'Planet Green' (all green) cable TV channel, and is set to premier in August.

If you're not familiar with Planet Green channel, check them out here.

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