Bags By Chilli

Bags By Chilli
Chilli of the group TLC is wading into new waters. She has started a business called Bags By Chilli where you can upload your favorite photos and have them displayed on your favorite handbags.

Chilli describes how she came about the idea:

"I rreceived a few photo bags with pictures of my son on them as gifts years ago. They instantly became my favorite bags and the only ones I carry. Eventually I wanted bags in new shapes and sizes and with new pictures.

Everywhere I go people ask where they can get bags like this. Now, I have an answer."

Once the company that originally made her bags closed, she decided to have a go at it herself

With Bags By Chilli, you can create your own personalized photographic handbag to display your your loved ones, your hobbies or even yourself.

The logo discretely displayed on the inside of the bag so you can showcase your bag without interruption of the company logo - not that it would be a bad thing...


  1. Once again proving that even people with bad taste can have their own fashion/accessory line...

  2. LMAO!! But she does get points for at least staying in the limelight and keeping her name out there.

    At least she didn't marry someone famous and have his babies just to make sure she had a 401K plan *cough* - Tameka - *cough.*

  3. her son is a cutie pie!

  4. I like your cough comment!

    They're too expensive for me. Cool idea though.


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