Artist Spotlight: Chauncy Black

Chauncey Black is probably most recognized as (one of) the former lead singers of the group Blackstreet. He is the voice behind the hit single, “Before I Let You Go” and “Don’t Leave Me.”

The group was a huge success despite having a high turnover of lead singers. They sold millions of hit records and became household names with the likes of Chauncey, Teddy Riley, Dave Hollister and Levi Little for starters.

Chauncey was part of one heck of a group. But he is now back and doing it on his own for the second time around. He’s ready to get back on the charts as a solo artist with a new album called, Church Boy.

"The album is straight to the point without being raunchy or disrespectful. It lives a life. It grows into maturity, from hanging with your crew, to celebrating love. It's soulful and hard, soulful street music.”

Chauncey is currently signed to Flipmode Records, Busta Rhymes' record label. He’s ready to show the world what he can truly do and he thanks Busta for giving him that chance.

"I wanted to get with a team that could give me that hip-hop feel but also a team that would give me creative control. Busta let me do my whole record. He saw the history with Blackstreet and trusted me.”

The first single, "Every Day Is Your Birthday," is produced by hit maker Teddy Riley. Chauncey is a smart business man and made it his business to hook up with award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo wrote two songs called "I Get It" and "Someone Else."

Chauncey is gearing up for his album release and his upcoming tour with Keyshia Cole. His outlook on things to come is very positive.

“Church Boy is who I am and where I come from. It’s my solid foundation that keeps me standing. God has blessed me with a talent and has given me so much. Yes, I make mistakes, we all do, just believe in him and stay focused."

Here's Chauncey with his former group Blackstreet.

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  1. ~*Toni*~4:00 PM

    I love his voice. I think him and Dave made the group what they were. They did not need Teddy.


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