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50 Cent On Young Buck's Outburst & The Leaked Tape

50 Cent Speaks On Leaked Young Buck Tape
50 Cent says he's not going to respond to (former?) label mate Young Buck on wax.

They have been providing much entertainment the last week or so beginning with a YouTube video taped in Tampa, FL of Buck publicly saying "F*** G-Unit" during the show.

50 Cent didn't take kindly to the outburst and retaliated with a taped conversation between the two. Why it was taped only those two know. Maybe because 50 Cent seems to think ahead and probably knew with the amount of money involved, he made need the tape later.

Anyway, Young Buck blubbering on the tape about how he has "stepped out of line" with 50 and how he owes money to the IRS that he hasn't paid back in over a year. He sounds scared and at some points, incoherent.

Last Thursday 50 addressed the situation on New York's Hot 97 radio station with Angie Martinez.

Young Buck is incensed that the conversation was made public and says it was recorded almost a year ago, 50 says - not true.

"That phone conversation ain't that old. Three months ago me and him had that conversation, and then he did it again.

"He went out there talking about I didn't pay him his royalties. I sat there and I didn't say anything. I'm not gonna respond with a record to Young Buck.

"With this situation, I was trying to be as helpful as possible. You can't help a person ... Buck is real impulsive, and when you add addiction to that, you got unpredictability. He just does ... anything.

He explains that Young Buck's outbursts are desperate and that the phone conversation would never have gone public if it weren't for his YouTube outburst.

"[That's] outta desperation because his finances are in the space that it's in. He doesn't listen. Right now, while we going back and forth, he owes me $200,000."

Through all this drama you'd assume the situation was about to get even uglier, but 50 Cent claims:

"He needs to go to a program and get some help, and then maybe we can talk to each other. Right now, he got real problems."

Sounds like a window Buck.


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