2008 BET Awards Recap

Ne-Yo 2008 BET Award Rehearsal
Photos courtesy of BET.com


D.L. Hughley: What can I say? He's not that funny to me so my commentary on him is - he was there. The funniest thing he said all night was about Young Buck crying. Damn. I need to go back and listen to that. It's still funny to me. OK, I guess he wasn't that bad since I did chuckle at that one.

Niecy Nash Toccara


Usher: His performance was sort of dry. It may have to do with the fact that the only reason I like "Love In This Club" is because Jeezy is on it, but since he performed it without him, I was left thinking, "Is that it?"

Just before the commercial break the cameras cut away to Ne-Yo who looked thoroughly unimpressed. His look seemed to say, "That was weak." LOL

Jeezy & Kanye West: "Put On" a decent performance.

Ne-Yo: I did enjoy his performance. At this point I realized the show seemed to be moving a bit quickly as if they were rushing. He sang "Closer" which is my song, so I was bopping along with it and enjoying the dance breakdown at the end.

Gabriel Union Jordin Sparks


LL & Ashanti: They presented Chris Brown with the Male Artist of the Year award. LL looked just like candy (old school pun intended), but I don't know what was up with Ashanti's dress, but I'm guessing the dress so short and the heels were so high that caused her to do the Diana Ross-like waddle off the stage. Chris Brown could lose the blond streaked mohawk, but other than that, he's as adorable as usual.

Morris Chestnut: He looked so scrumptious that I almost didn't realize he was there with his fellow cast mates of "Boz In The Hood," Nia Long and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

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  1. Usher was boring. I saw the Ne-yo look. My daughter did too. She was like look at Ne-yo he hated it.

    I liked T-Pain's little ring master bit.
    Seeing En Vogue.
    Keyshia should never sing live.
    I can't think right now.
    And Maxwell.

  2. ~*Toni*~6:47 AM

    Your daughter was right. NeYo was not impressed with Usher and neither was I. I can't believe that's all he had to give when he has bee claiming he is back to redeem his crown.

  3. At first I was like, "What happened Usher?" Then I remembered him saying he got his his current swagger from his wife and I thought... Oh boy, Tameka strikes again because IMO he lost his Ursher swagger.


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