Wordless Wednesday: Illusions

This was too cool for me to stay "Wordless."

Which way is the girl spinning? Initially I thought she spun clockwise... but after staring for a while she spun counter clockwise. What do you see?]



  1. i had to look really close, hehe. she spun clockwise and then counterclockwise after a while ;)

  2. That was cool!

    Happy WW, and thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Pretty cool. I can only see counter clockwise though.

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  4. It took me a while of actually staring at it, but she spins in both clockwise and then counterclockwise directions! I had to watch for quite a while though and now I think I am done on the computer for a while!

  5. That gave me a headache after a while...but both ways!

  6. It is easy to notice spinning in both directions. you just have to decide which direction you want to see :)


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