Window Shopping

On my way into work today I pulled into the parking lot thinking, "OMG, look at this spot on the first deck of the parking garage, this is great."

As I was pulling my gas guzzling SUV into the spot I realized, "WTH is this!? Is that a go-cart? A toy? OMG this is a real freakin' car!"

It even comes in a drop top! LOL

I must have sat there with my blinker on staring at that thing for about two or three minutes trying to figure out how a grown person could get into this without looking like a clown at the circus, but I finally snapped out of it and went up a level to park my car.

Anyway, being the curious person that I am, I had to come back and find out what that thing was and I found out that it was called the 'Smart Car' and is made by Chrysler.

Apparently it's been around some four years or so in Canada and I'm behind the times in the auto trade, but this year is the first year Canadian's will have a gas version of the Smart Car since they've only been available in a diesel powered version.

I'm thinking hmmm... I may need look into getting up on a Smart Car seeing how they claim to get upwards of 60 miles per gallon!

And if you are into the latest trends, there's a Brabus McLaren Smart Fortwo that is modeled after the Mercedes SLR... to cute!

Brabus McLaren Smart Fortwo

BUT...with my broke self I realized if I wanted to get a tiny car to cut down on gas, I could just take a stimulus check and purchase a Tata Nano for $2,500 and even have a little more foot room.

What can I say? I'm always bargain hunting. ;-)


  1. girl, they're driving those lil dune buggies like crazy here in MI. I've been looking at 'em...shoot all it takes is a couple of bottles to turn in to fill the tank up..and what??? lol

  2. LOL That's what I'm saying I could take the kid's piggy bank, shake it three times and fill the tank. :o)

  3. As efficient as it's still ugly to me. I just can't see myself in one those things. I am sure if I was driving and spending money on gas like that though,I wouldn't care.

  4. I have seen some soupoed up. They are not that bad. Some one passed me today in the blue/gray one. I'd drive it.


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