Thursday Thirteen: Things I Forget / Lose

Today I'm listing 13 things I always lose in the house or forget to take with me when I leave the house:

1) Keys
2) Purse
3) Cell Phone
4) Permission Slips (I never remember where I put them
after I sign for my daughter's field trips)
5) Shopping List
6) Debit/Credit Card (I pay bills online & forget to put the card back in my purse)
7) Scissors (Who moves those things!)
8) Needle and/or thread
9) Coupons (I always leave them in the house when I need them at the store!)
10) Pens/pencils (Somehow they always seem to end up at
the bottom of the toy box grrrr)
11) Calculator
12) Batteries (I always but the in the same place but
they're never there when I go back to use them -
I think hubby is putting them in the kids' toys and
not telling me)
13) My Mind! Sorry… had to do it. ;-)

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1 comment:

  1. I forget the coupons, too. What's the point of cutting them and saving them if I forget to use them. I used coupons once and got $200 worth of groceries for $38.


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