Spin Off Of A Spinoff Of A Spin Off

That's ridiculous and you don't even have a clue as to what I'm talking about yet. Apparently, due to the extreme clownery (yep, I'm making up words now), and popularity of VH1's Flavor Of Love (FOL) reality show - which by the way, just concluded it's third season - a ton of copycat shows have been born.

Beginning with I Love New York, Rock of Love (ROL) down to Shot At Love with Tila Tequila (SALTT), these train wreck shows have their own spin off shows i.e. - FOL II & III, ROL II, SALTT II, Charm School, etc.

Well VH1 must be making a killing because the newest spin off will be "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School." Yes, you heard correctly, ROL will have it's own Charm School and it will premiere this Fall.

The FOL version had comedian MoNique as the I host, but ROL's host will be Sharon Osbourne.

*snicker* (sorry)


  1. There's also a rumor going around for Flavor of Love 4 but with his oldest son and there has been confirmation for I Love Money featuring Flavor of Love girls, I Love New York Men, and Rock of Love chicks. The show is like the Road Rules Challenges and will be out in July. Thought I will share..

  2. OMG that's ridiculous! I read on another blog that VH1 must "own them h--s," maybe they were right? *snicker*

  3. wth. out of everyone, they pick her.

    what mess, shell prolly be worst than the girls


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