Sounds Like A Hater

I came across this blog post while surfing and found it amusing. It's all about Access Hollywood correspondent Laura Saltman's experience meeting uh, seeing Prince the night he performed at the Tonight Show.

As I read it, there were several things that stood out; she seemed to cop an attitude right after finding out Prince was in the house, she also seemed to be trying her best to get his attention (although he wasn't even at her venue) and when she didn't she seemed to be pretty upset about it. Also, the title of the post is how someone else bumped into Prince but that person was barely even aware he was there, Laura pointed him out and she hung around trying to get his attention.

My question is, what the heck was her real job that night and didn't anyone notice she wasn't doing it? I mean didn't she have something else to do but to follow Prince around? What's your take?

The comments are kind of funny although some people went for the jugular. I guess Prince fans don't play that.

Laura Saltman's account of When Carly Smithson Bumped Into Prince

I thought Michael Johns visit to Access Hollywood was chaotic two weeks ago. Who knew my time with Carly Smithson would turn out to be even more bizarre!

It all started out fairly normal. Carly and her entourage pulled up to the studio and I led her into the hair and makeup room for touchups. We share space with "The Tonight Show" and when I go in for hair and makeup, I always sneak a peak at the dressing room door at the top of stairs. That's the room where they usually put the musical guests. I glance over to see who it is and there is no sign on the door, but I see these two huge bodyguards posted outside the door.

Governor Schwarzenegger (man that still sounds strange all these years later) was Jay's guest on Thursday, yet I never once saw a bodyguard for him. So, I figured this must be somebody huge, right? Then I glance at the door across the hall and it says Prince's musicians. Prince? That's who needs this massive security detail? His name is Prince. He's not actual royalty.

I roll my eyes at his bodyguards who are assessing whether or not I am a stalker. Carly doesn't notice until I point out to her and her gang that Prince is in the house. One of the gals from 19 Entertainment is freaking out because she loves him. She is determined to catch a glimpse of him and explains to me that Prince does not like people to make eye contact with him. This makes me roll my eyes again.

I go back to the stage to inform the crew that Carly will be ready to perform in about ten minutes. All of sudden the alarm goes off on the stage and a man's voice comes on telling us their has been an emergency in the building and we must evacuate, "and do not use the elevators."

Earthquake? Fire? Someone is attempting to harm Prince? I hear panic in the hallway from "The Tonight Show" people as they begin to evacuate and so I head upstairs to grab Carly... and who do I pass but you guessed it -- his shortness, umm, I mean his purpleness -- no his symbolness. You get it. It was Prince being rushed outside to his limo. Just for the heck of it I looked him right in the eyes.

So, all of the NBC studios are evacuated including "The Tonight Show" and its entire audience. We wait about 20 minutes to find out what the emergency is. Carly is a big hit and several people come over to ask for a photograph or an autograph. Prince sits in his air-conditioned limo while we all sweat. Meanwhile, I'm also trying to hide producer David Foster from Carly, who I had brought in to mentor her after her performance (More on that drama in a second).

Finally, we are allowed back in and the security guard informs me that someone had tripped the alarm and no emergency existed. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or pissed. Probably more pissed. Determined to catch a glimpse of Prince, Carly and crew hang outside for few minutes to see if he emerges from his limo. He doesn't so they head inside. I stay outside to wait for David Foster and a few minutes later who comes walking by me again, but Prince. Again I look him in the eyes and get no response, not even a smile!

So, Carly comes in and belts out her tune - Heart's "Alone." She sounds great. She loves this song. Then I bring her Foster as a surprise. I had mentioned to Carly, at the morning interview we did, that I had a surprise for her. She jokes, "Is it Brad Pitt?" David walks out and mentions he is sorry, he is no Brad Pitt, but he hopes she is happy. She seems genuinely happy to meet him. Then it turns a bit uncomfortable when Foster lays into her about song choice and keys. She is visibly upset and I feel horrible. I understand he is trying to help her but the delivery is a bit harsh. He does ease up a bit and eventually tells her how much he loves her and what a great career she has ahead of her. I think if he had started with this, maybe things may have gone a bit smoother.

While Carly does an interview for Billy Bush's radio show, Prince is performing across the hall at "The Tonight Show." He stays after the taping to perform a few extra songs for the crowd. I don't respect all the pomp and circumstance surrounding him but I do respect this. Carly and her gang finish up at our show and head outside to there waiting car service. Just as this happens, Prince comes walking by me for a third time (still no smile) out to his limo and Carly and my gal from 19 Entertainment get their chance to see him.

This is how it goes - his assistant walks in front of him and literally shoves them out of the way to make room for Prince. If Carly does become a big star apart from "American Idol," I hope she'll remember that moment and never, ever act like Prince.


  1. ~*Toni*~9:22 AM

    It does seem as if she was every place but where she should have been and even says she pointed out to the Carly girl that Prince was there. Why would she try to have eye contact three times if she really thought it would bother him? That is ignorance.

  2. Yea, she wants him!!


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