Pure B.S.

Have you ever tried your best to help out someone who you thought were going through a bad time, only to find out that they were just trying to find someone to use? I cannot stand people who spend their lives trying to prey on decent people.

I tried to help out someone I thought was a friend and that person turned around and tried to use me to get ahead. It's so ridiculous because at the time, they had NO ONE to turn to, not a friend, not a co-worker, not even their own mother. Now something has to truly be wrong in your life when your own mother says she can't help you even though you have no money, nowhere to go and are on the streets.

Anyway, I digress... me being me, I decided to take this person in and try to give them something to look forward to. A 'ground zero' if you will, I figured if they can see that not everyone is against them, they can pull it together and start over. But they weren't don being devious.

During the course of three months, I found out this person was a serious, and I do me S-E-R-I-O-U-S compulsive liar, had an addictive personality, and had no intentions whatsoever to try and better themselves. I finally had to have a sit down with this person and tell them, "Look, I have a family to take care of and we are wondering when you're going to straighten up and fly right? You can't expect to live with someone for months and months for free and expect them to put up with all this B.S."

Do you know this fool actually had the gall to be offended? I mean REALLY! It would be laughable if they hadn't tried to become physical, but see, I am a whislte blower and I have no shame in using my local authorities in the time of need.

I have 911 on speed dial and they come to my neighborhood in less than 5 minutes flat (shouts out to the local police! hmm.. I guess I should send in some money to my local police department).. anyway.

So I'm back to being drama free. Another parasite is on the loose looking for someone to leech off of, and I've got one helluva "lesson learned" to blog about.

All is well again in my mundane life... back to the basics.


  1. sweetiegirlz8:43 AM

    It's too bad you can't broadcast names and photos on here. Don't worry about the poor outcome, your good intentions toward helping this person still count, you will be blessed because of it!!

  2. I've had to learn this unfortunate lesson as well, only the parasite I tried helping was using me in an attempt to steal my life and destroy me from the ground up. . . and almost succeeded once but hasn't given up the fight to reach that goal now that the brass ring is in sight. People like this make me leery of ever helping someone ever again, no matter how desperately they may need my help.

  3. Sweetiegirlz: Thank you, I hope so!

    Angie: I feel the same way. It bothers me because I'm the type to help people I know that are in need, but things like this make you suspect everyone of everything and it's too bad. But I think karma has a funny way of biting those people in the butt. :-)


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