Photographer In Brawl With Chris Brown's Bodyguards

Luis Santana, 25, a Tampa Bay Times photographer alleges he was assaulted by Chris Brown's security guards. After taking a photograph of singer Chris Brown outside of a St. Petersburg, Fla. nightclub, the photographer says Chris' bodyguards chased him, threw him to the ground and took his $3,000 camera.

Reports say that Chris Brown was attending a private party at the Vintage Ultra Lounge, where he and singer Rihanna (along with other guests) were celebrating his 19th birthday.

Santana claims he obtained clearance from club security to take photos outside. He reported abrasions and bruises on his chest, back and arms.


  1. Seems like I've been doing a bit of this lately.

  2. A bit of what? Fighting with photographers? What are you talkinga bout Lisa? :-)

  3. I don't think Ms Lisa is fighting with the paparazzi! (then with her famous pictures traveling the net you never know!!) I think she meant the picture of the window below and reflecting!!!

  4. I do too. I was just messing with her. ;o)


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