Oops I've Done It Again

As you can see, I've changed the format again. Please bear with me while I go through "The Change."

I realize there is a lot of information on my blog, but so what. I need it. All of it. LOL

I have been trying to come up with a format that will display the information in a way that isn't too overwhelming, so please give some feedback.

If there are any glitches in the Matrix, let me know. ;o)


  1. Hey Shae!
    Interesting new look! That header is really cool!

  2. I absolutely love the new header!

  3. I absolutely love the layout. I can't even venture to do anything to any of my blogs. I am so "clutsy" that I know I will somehow delete everything.


  4. One thing I can say - you definitely get the most out of your page. I like that.

  5. Thanks guys! I swear I'm a pack rat because I was trying out new layouts like "nope, not enough info" or "I love it but I'd have to leave out that." I know it's a lot of info on here but if I get rid of some of it I may break out in the sweats. LOL

    Thanks for the feedback.

    PS- Irigal if you need help holla @ ya girl. :-)


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