Old School Friday

It's OSF people! My pick this week is Denise Wililams. If I were ever to want to do something like someone else, I'd like to have pipes like these.

Black Butterfly

It's Gonna Take A Miracle

Let's Hear It For The Boy


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  1. I lurvved Denise back in the day! I'd forgotten about her. Wonderful pick - Thanks!

  2. I was just singing It's Gonna Take A Miracle this morning, when I saw Denice Williams on another post. That's my theme song for my marriage. I saw her in one of the black plays, and her voice is still amazing.

  3. She has an amazing voice! Great pick!

  4. I remember the last song posted. It's has a good beat and I still know most of the words!

  5. We are on the same wave length again for OSF. First, Frankie then Deniece.
    Black Butterfly I love.


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