Old School Friday: Philly Soul

TGIOSF! This week's theme is Philly Soul. I'm not an expert on Philly Soul, so I had to call my old school ass uncle on this one.

He was like, "Babygurl" (he ran it all together just like that... "Babygurl, now you know ya Uncle Ronnie know 'bout some music gal. You don't know nuttin' 'bout no Philly Soul so lemme tell ya a lil' some'n some'n."

So shouts out to my old ass uncle *snicker* and here are my picks for Philly Soul:

Eddie Holman: Lonely Girl

Lou Rawls: See You When I Get There

Hall & Oats: Private Eye

(I managed not to squeeze a little Prince into this week's selection. Aren't y'all proud of me? LOL)


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  1. Happy OSF! Dayum...'Lonely Girl', I haven't heard that one in many moons. -=singing=- 'this lonely boy loves you too'

    My Philly Sound meme allowed me to share some Ol' School Billy Paul and Blue Magic. I invite you and your blog readers to check it out if you have time or inclinaton.

    peace, Villager

  2. Mom loved her some Lou Rawls, we listened to a lot of Mr. Rawls. I like Lonely Girl, myself.

  3. Great music and I'm proud that you restrained your urge to "prince".

  4. Hey Shae!
    Great picks! I love Lonely Girl, I never knew dude's name so thank your uncle for me. Lou Rawls is just classic.
    and Hall & Oats were the "Blackest" white boys I ever heard!!
    have a great weekend!!

  5. Hall and Oates, that's off the chain!!!

  6. hehe nice one hun

    i hope i get it right, i hardly know about philly soul myself

  7. Hey There Lonely Girl is a jam! And you certainly can never go wrong with Lou and H&O!
    Great picks!

  8. LMAO@ old school ass uncle. I know that's right!

    He gave you some good stuff! Something about that Lonely Girl...

    Happy OSF!

  9. I enjoyed all your choices this week. Lou was one cool cat!

  10. LOL @ Vivrant Thang. I'm clownin' because he's really not that old. He just acts like an old ass Uncle. He's about 46 I think. But let him tell it he's 25. Yeah Okay! LOL My family is crazy!


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