Old School Friday: Cheri

Hey all, I'm over here working like a fresh slave, so if there happened to be a theme for this weeks OSF I'm sure I've missed the email. Therefore, here's my random picks:

This song reminds me of when I moved into a new neighborhood on my way into the 6th grade (I think?) and all the little girls were haters because my moms used to hook me & my sister's hair up, we had the latest fashions (even if she had to make some of them) and we were always in local talent shows. So coming in as the new kids, they hated us & we chalked it up to Murphy's Law.

Cheri - Murphy's Law

These two are from my roller skating, block party, bonfire participating days. ;o)

Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock

Also from Afrika Bambaataa is - Looking For The Perfect Beat


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  1. I never really like d Afrikka Bambatta but "Perfect Beat" was the jam!!
    Nice choice!

  2. Hi Shae-Shae!

    Murphy's Law!! Wow, now that was a throwback. You caught my attention.

    At first I didn't remember it, but as soon as it got started, I remembered. Good pick!

  3. @ Regina: I didn't even know who the group was until much later. I just knew their songs & Planet Rock was big in my area, but Lookin' for the perfect beat was major in the skate rinks.

    @ Shelia: Murphy's law was the jam & reminds me of summer time. :o)

  4. Not familiar with Cheri, but definitely LOVE that song; I am going to find it and download it.

    Planet Rock is my jam. I am a great break dancer and growing up, this is the song my brother and I would use to practice our moves. Even to this day, when 'Planet Rock' gets played at a houseparty, folks clear the floor because I am gettin' down and breakin' like there is no tomorrow.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. Murphy's Law was my Aunties favorite. I never heard of the other two. :\

  6. thanks for sharing this. i love africa bombata :P reminds me so much of my youth :)

  7. Hey Marc, thanks for visiting. I feel SO old saying this but... those were the good ol' days right? ;-)

  8. "Planet Rock" I remember! :D Wow, those costumes were elaborate weren't they?

    TIP: I always visit Opinionated Black Woman for the scoop on OSF!

  9. Plantet Rock was the jam, but that's the only song I know. I'm ashamed to say, that the Cheri song stumped me.

    It's nice to hear something new.

  10. Learn something new everyday even on OSF. Good picks. As per usual...I went way back! Hope you get a chance to check it out!


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