No Jail Time For Gary Dourdan

Shaza, aka Gary Dourdan, had his day in court and surprisingly pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of cocaine and Ecstasy. I guess that's why the judge threw out the heroin charge.

He was ordered to complete a drug program and upon completion all charges should be dropped. Hmmm... hopefully he will not turn into this and will take this for the second chance that it is. I'm tired of seeing all these celebrities snorting their way to rehab.

In case the story missed you, Gary was caught sleeping off a buzz in his car on the wrong side of the street. Police found cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in his car... damned shame... he used to be my eye candy. Who knew he sniffed it?

A statement was release from his lawyer said:

"He very much regrets what happened and he's very embarrassed by what occurred, but he's looking forward to moving on and getting back to work. He is very grateful to the court for being understanding and giving him an opportunity to resolve the issue and move forward."


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