More R. Kelly Drama

Here we go again as the R. Kelly case goes from the sublime to the ridiculous...

R. Kelly is about to have another bubble burst as a woman is set to testify against him in his upcoming child-pornography feelin' on they boot trial. This woman claims she and Kells had a three way sexscapade with the allegedly underage girl shown in the pee on me video.

She must be getting paid well because who the hell would put themselves through that? You are admitting you may have had sex with Kells and a minor? Or will she say the girl wasn't a minor and she's sure of it because of the rings around her... oops sorry y'all, I almost forgot where I was. As you can see the R. Kelly situation makes me sick and brings out the worst in me.
Anyway, the case is reportedly supposed to begin next Friday, and prosecutors say they've identified the girl in the videotape, who is now in her 20's (as she should be since the -ish hit the fan five years ago!)

R. Kelly's lawyers are planning to put the girl on the stand and argue that she is not the girl in the tape. I'm assuming if she's that willing to protect her money man, she's probably had some plastic surgery or something... remove noticeable body marks, have some implants. I'm sure they're trying their best to make her look completely different.

Even still, this new eye witness, thigh witness, all around in the mix witness could do some damage since she can identify the girl (unless she's on Kells' payroll).

Lawyers are tight lipped of course and cite that there is a gag order in place. I'm sure they have sources they can leak to though. Judge Vincent Gaughan closed the hearings to the public and sealed various court files, but has agreed to allow the woman's testimony. I guess I should have followed up to see if they were going to allow love letters from Aaliyah, but I'm hoping they let her rest in peace.


  1. I will be absolutely SHOCKED...if this goes to trial this week. He got hoooked up w/those lawyers!

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