Kells Is Identified

I’ve been wondering when or if someone would have enough balls to identify Kells on the sex tape and had started to believe his pockets were running knee deep.

Maybe they weren’t deep enough.

Lindsey Perryman, a former personal assistant of R. Kelly’s of seven years, testified yesterday that:

The young girl who allegedly appears in a sex video with R. Kelly visited the R&B star’s recording studio regularly, did her homework there and once brought an overnight bag.

Perryman is currently an executive at a recording company and claims she met the girl at the Chicago Trax Recording Studio in 1999 when the girl showed up with her parents and her brother.

The disturbing part about the story is the girl showed up with an overnight back and a pillow.

See, this is the type of sh-t that pisses me off.

With all the nasty old men and stank old women out there preying on people’s children, what does it take for a parent to just give their child away?
She showed up with her parents and her brother and they were willing to let the child sleep over Kells’ crib? That’s just great. So after that did they drop the son off at MJ’s house? *sigh*

Perryman described R. Kelly as a great employer and said she arranged meetings between him and the young girl in on various occasions but (of course) was unaware of any inappropriate behavior until the release of the tape to the public.

Apparently she was shocked and I thought she put her foot in her mouth when she said she could not identify either of them the first time she saw the tape. But she eventually told the court she is “110 percent certain” that is R. Kelly, “and the underage girl in question” featured in the videotape.

If the nasty pervert R Kelly is convicted on the 14 counts of child pornography; seven for directing and seven for producing, he could face up to 15 years in prison, a $100,000 fine and he’ll have to register as a sex offender.
Of course R. Kelly is pleading ‘not guilty’ to all charges.

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