Nasty ass Karl MaloneI'm sorry y'all. I rarely type in all caps and I am normally not too surprised at the nonsense that people do these days, but if this story is true, I must say that I am completely shocked, disgusted and dismayed at the things people do today and get away with.

Former NBA great Karl Malone – "The Mailman" - reportedly fathered a child with Gloria bell – a girl who was only 12 or 13 years old when she became pregnant.

Malone was 20-years-old at the time. Amazingly, the child Malone fathered is Demetrius Bell – a recent top draft pick for the Buffalo Bills football team.

It appears Malone played no part in raising Demetrius.

Another amazing aspect of the story is how little media attention it has gotten.

Based on a scan of media reports from around the country, the Washington, D.C.-based Taylor Media Services has been able to find one broadcast outlet (BET.com) and only two newspapers which have mentioned the story – the Buffalo News and the Los Angeles Times.


It's a wrap. The 'Mailman' should be in jail!


  1. bingskee11:04 AM

    it is the notion that he is not giving a support that i got irked. so irresponsible.

    about impregnating the 12/13 yr old, he's not alone when he did it. though i must say that i am not justifying his act.

  2. He should be under the jail.

  3. All of it is scandalous. Having sex with a minor when he was over the legal age, getting her pregnant and everything else that came aftewards. Just because he's not alone doesn't make it easier to swallow. Ugh..

  4. I guess the rules and penalties of statutory rape don't apply to ol' Karl Malone.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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