Just Trifling!

Ugh, some people need to hone up on their interviewing skills. In a recent interview with Keith Sweat, an Essence Magazine reporter asked him if a rumor about him having an affair with Left Eye was true.

My goodness, Left Eye has been deceased for seven years!

Seven years go by and now you decide you want to ask about it?

She's not even here to defend herself or slap the reporter in the head and tell them to go to hell ('cause you know she would have).

It's just in bad taste...morbid actually.


  1. She would slap her to. Hell if it was just Left Eye might slap her just for putting her business out there lol

  2. Yup, you got it. But I'd like to think that at the age she would be today, she'd just tell her off & keep her hands to herself. ;o)

  3. Some people are not being trained like they used to be. That is disrespectful to Left Eye's memory. The interviewer needs a reality check. Never ask questions like that unless as you said Left Eye can defend herself.

    Thanks for sharing!


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