Hillary Is Playing On The Fears Of Blacks & Whites

I'm sorry, but she is officially on my sh*t list!

OMG Hillary Clinton needs to take a chill pill & walk away. More & more she is starting to remind me of a desperate lunatic that is saying and doing anything she can to get into the white house.

This chick (yup, I said it) is no slouch, don't get me wrong. The woman had my vote up until the beginning of this year when she truly realized Barack was on that a--. Anyway, do not be fooled. Hillary's Freudian slips are not missed.

When she said:

"My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don't understand it."

I'm sure it is not lost on the public that she is saying she will not concede because she's damned near hoping the same fate will fall upon Barack and he will be assassinated. I hope that this sh-t is being watched closely by all of America because if anything happens to Obama, I'm holding Hillary accountable.

Do you know that if I scream, "Fire!" in a movie theater I can be arrested for inciting public panic?

So why can't she be disqualified for making a very conscious remark that she can say was not meant consciously? Just because she doesn't wield the knife doesn't mean she isn't aware that blanket statements like this can trigger certain events.

There are public signs in GA comparing Barck to a monkey, there are death threat images of Michelle Obama in the Daily Kos, his family is under constant 'high alert' security. WTF? Are you serious? Wake up America!

Things change, people change. The world is not always going to roll in the direction it has for the last 400 years. The time for change is now, so shut the heck up and roll with the punches! Leave all the political BS at the door and check your racism at the door.

-- OK, I'm done ranting. Please don't be offended by my opinion, it's mine & mine alone. Back to my regularly happy-go-lucky self --


  1. What is even more annoying is that this is not the first time she made such a statement, but then to not apologize to Obama is beyond comprehension. For anyone then to state with a straight face that she has nothing to apologize to Obama for because she did not mention him by name, unless I am mistaken, Hilary's current opponent is Barrack Obama, not the Kennedy family to whom she only apologized, I fail to see the relationship.

  2. I blogged about her today too, mine was about wanting her to give it the hell up though. I didn't know about the Kennedy statement til afterwards but i'm planning to add a new entry today. I agree completely with you. This woman wants to win at all costs and if it means something so paltry as Obama being assassinated well, at least she gets the nomination right?

    She needs to apologize to him and move on in her life and leave us to a fantastic candidate who can make a difference.

  3. It's just sad. There are people out there who take things way beyond "the norm" and just like bullying can lead to an incident like Columbine, comparing assassinated presidents to your running mate can lead to all types of mayhem. I'm really disappointed, disheartened and disgusted in Hillary. (Not that she'd give a darn)

  4. I have had it over my head with this scandilous witch! Who thought that she could find a new low. Well be damned if she didn't.

    These primaries can't be over soon enough now. This chick has got to go!!


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