Heck No They Shouldn't Count!!

Here we go again with some political BS.

Both democratic hopefuls previously agreed not to include the Floria and/or Michigan votes because both states broke the voting rules. The heads of those two states went against party rules and decided to move their primaries up, and both states knew that it was possible that their votes would not be counted. Therefore, I do not think they should be counted as originally agreed by both parties.

I see that now the tables have turned on Hillary, she now would like for these two states to count. This is like a bad case of deja vu.

Yes, I realize that it is our right to vote, but the reason we're so messed up now is people do things and never have to suffer the consequences. If you cheat you should not be counted. If you cheat in school your test score is not counted. If you cheat on your taxes you have to pay it back (plus a fine), so why on earth should we reward Hilary with these votes that she agreed would not count?

Politricks are hard at work yet again. *sigh*

Many are arguing that these votes should count, and I understand the logic behind it, yes the voters took the time out of their day to go vote, yes they took the time to register and yes they should technically be recognized. But when your state is suffering from a bad case of bitchassness, what can you do?

According to Hillary, you count them in anyway:

"The fact is we have to include Michigan and Florida — we cannot claim that we have a nominee based on 48 states, particularly two states that are so important for us to win in the fall."

I knew there would be some nonsense in this election. I just knew it. Racist cartoons, digging into someone's church, trying to use the Muslim scare tactic and now reneging on a previous agreement. It's pretty bad when candidates resort these bottom feeder tactics. The fact that Hillary now wants to count these votes speaks volumes and proves previous claims that she has been running a dishonest race.

Let's not forget that Barack Obama did not campaign in these states, nor was he on the ballots in one of the states because of their previous agreement. So is it fair to include the votes of this one-sided venue?

I think not.

The rules committee of the Democratic National Committee have a meeting set for May 31 to consider if they'll count Michigan and Florida. Why do I feel like these people are on the Clinton's payroll?

(I guess if I saw my opponent pulling numbers like these, I'd want every possible vote to count also!)


  1. SHAE-SHAE!!!!

    Hey girl, what's up? I'm back on the grind.

    Your site looks great! I see that you're still making changes. I'm lovin' the color scheme.

    "Liar, liar pantsuit on fire," HA!

  2. Hey Shelia! Thanks girl. I try. I'm absolutely taking advantage of the 'schedule post' feature. I get to sit back and rest while people think I'm posting my butt off. Shhhh... LOL.

    PS- I'm already feeling your new segment on Coaches. Keep up the good work! One day maybe I'll become a full fledged tennis fan. :)

  3. Hey Shae,
    I know you are not even surprised with this mess! That was probably her plan from jump (if she fell behind try to claim those states). Nothing Hillary does surprises me!
    BTW - I love the schedule posting!!
    Peace & Love!

  4. You know, I've been telling people ever since Obama started running that I have always felt they'll try to get a strong backing behind Obama and then force him either out of the race, or behind Hillary so that all those Obama votes will go to Hillary. It's too bad all this nonsense stands in the way of the real issues at hand.

  5. I live in Michigan. We, the people, didn't want them to break the rules...but they did.

    I didn't vote for her and I won't but I'd like to be able to count.

    It's a cruddy situation.

  6. I know. It sucks all the way around, but the problem is, if they agreed to it and neither party had an issue with it, they should be in compliance with that agreement. They expect us "the people" to uphold agreements, contracts & laws, so they should hold up to their bargain and not change things at the last minute. If I lived in FL or Michigan I would make sure my local Congress people were bombarded with letters & phone calls. They work for US and need to be on the ball.


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